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IoT is rapidly accelerating the pace of digital transformation across every industry across the globe. The workshops at this year’s IoT India Congress are designed to understand IoT architecture, create IoT applications and finally apply various analytical and ML techniques on the IoT data. The workshops will educate, inform and enable individuals and companies to capitalize on the multi-billion-dollar IoT market.

We are partnering with Jigsaw Academy, an award-winning Data Science and Analytics competency development company to run these workshops. They have been ranked as No.1 Analytics training institute by Analytics India Magazine over the past several years.

These workshops are tech agnostics and are open to anyone with an interest in IoT. Joint participation certificates by Jigsaw Academy and The IET will be issued to all participants at the end of the workshop. The workshop will be conducted by Ashish Gupta, AVP, Jigsaw Academy.

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Workshop 1: Building an End-to-End IoT application

Date: 22 August

Timings: 10:45- 13:45


IoT is a convergence of different technologies working together in unison to solve a real business problem or enable new products and services. The problem is that the various players involved in the IoT ecosystem view the IoT technology stack from their own specific perspective, ending up confusing the audience.

So, “What is the link between IoT, cloud, Analytics, Data Science?” This is still a common question!

This session tries to allay this confusion by describing the 4 layers of an IoT technology stack. It covers an overview of Layer 1: IoT sensors and devices, Layer 2: IoT Gateways and networks, Layer 3: IoT Cloud and Layer 4: IoT Analytics and Machine learning. Examples of predictive maintenance, asset monitoring, remote connected operations and new IoT enabled products and services will be covered.

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of this session the audience will be able to define and describe the 4-layer IoT architecture and appreciate the importance of each layer. The audience also gets to see a demo of their first IoT application using IBM cloud and Android phone.

Unique Proposition:

 Typical IoT sessions don’t cover all the 4 layers of IoT. They are either device / HW centric or IoT cloud centric. This session will ensure all key components of a typical real-world IoT application are covered.

Workshop 2: Powering IoT applications using Analytics and Machine Learning

Date: 23 August

Timings: 10:30 – 13:30


This session focused on the different Analytics and Machine learning techniques as applied to IoT data. This is the final layer of IoT where all the data is converted into business insights.

The session begins with an introduction to IoT data processing reference architecture. Then moves to cover the IoT Analytics Data Science Life Cycle: data ingestion frameworks, data cleaning, descriptive IoT data analysis, inferential data analytics for IoT, predictive IoT analytics, exploratory data analytics and prescriptive analytics. The session also introduces the learners to advanced techniques like machine learning and IoT data anomaly detection and complex event processing.

This session includes demos of data analysis techniques and hands-on exercises for the learners with provided data sets. The session uses a case study approach like air quality analysis and human activity recognition to demonstrate the various techniques.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to describe the IoT Data Lifecycle
  • Ability to describe the importance of various analytics techniques in light of IoT data

Unique Proposition:

No IoT project is useful until the raw data is converted into actionable business insights, however most IoT sessions don’t talk much about Analytics techniques as applied to IoT.

Infrastructure Requirements:

  • Laptop needed for hands-on exercises

Hurry, Limited seats available

August 22August 23August 22-23
INR 7500INR 7500INR 10000

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Price of a single workshop is INR 7500. Both workshops can be availed at a discounted price of INR 10000.

Please Note:

  • By enrolling for the workshop(s) you get complimentary access to the conference sessions, exhibition area, IoT Experience Zone, Innovation Zone, Awards and refreshments on that particular day(s).
  • Workshops will run for 3 hours each day in tandem to the conference tracks.
  • Seats are limited in number and will be available on first-come-first serve basis.