IoT India Congress - Speaker - PROF DAVE MURRAY RUST


Programme Director MA, University of Edinburgh

Prof Dave Murray Rust’s work relates to the research questions and explores interactions between people, matter and computational systems. Previously, Dave has worked on several large FP7 and EU projects on modelling and simulating human/environment interactions around land use and climate change (PLUREL, ECOCHANGE, VOLANTE), and produced several agent-based modelling frameworks (Aporia, CRAFTY, ABMLand). He was a postdoc on the SociaM project, looking at the theory and practice of social machines, including using process calculus to model online interaction, developing ideas of pro-social deception and applying wayfaring to social machines. ​​

Prof Rust brings a unique blend of science and art – he holds a PhD in both AI and music and specialises in the mechanisms of human-machine interactions.